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Professional Real Estate Sales Training

Do you have realtors that just can’t get their deals closed? Do you own investment properties that don’t seem to ever add dollars to your wallet? These situations occur quite frequently when realtors or real estate owners don’t have a clear vision of what to do with their properties - or when they just don’t understand how to use real estate listings and real estate channeled networking to get results. Special techniques that I provide in my professional real estate sales training programs can help resolve these issues. Don’t waste another day...

If you need assistance in these areas, I can help! Call me at 214-556-6229 today so we can determine the best plan of action for your particular situation. The sooner you make this phone call, the sooner your real estate can be working for you.

Objective Property Management Services

When selecting a property management company, the first two questions you should ask before committing to a management agreement are:

1. Where are other properties that the management company manages located? Make sure the locations are a great distance away from your property, or you could just be providing an easy pool of occupants for the management company’s other properties.

2. Request references from the property management company. These should be names and contact info of property owners with properties that are similar in size and number of units. If the management company has handled these properties for several years, it’s a good sign that the company is probably doing a good job of management; otherwise, property owners generally won’t renew their management agreements after the first year.

My Favorite Words in Real Estate

The best words you can ever insert into a contract when buying a property (regardless of whether the property is commercial, residential or multi-family) are the words “and/or assigns”. I have written these little words after my name on the buyer’s line of numerous real estate purchase contracts and have enjoyed the positive financial impact of these little words time and time again...

If used correctly, the “and/or assigns” wording allows you to proceed with selling the property that you are in the process of buying without having to pay another set of closing costs on the deal*

* Keep in mind that I don’t render legal advice with regards to real estate transactions. If you are unsure of how to use or apply any of the concepts on this web page, you should consult the proper legal representation prior to proceeding.

Integrating Market Trend Components

Real estate is [and always will be] a staying power game. At any point in time when it’s feasible to get out of owning your real property while making a profit at it, do it! It is he who thinks too long or pokes around that loses. Three easy steps:

1. Get out of your property.
2. Make your profit.
3. Dive right back in.

There is no such thing as a “bad economy” when it comes to real estate, only “bad” deals. Don’t let the bad deals find their way into your pocketbook...

I’ve turned some of the sweetest real estate profits ever in what the U.S. government and its media call a “down economy”. I’ve sold residential houses for thousands of dollars in net profits during this time period (using my typical five days or less residential property marketing plan). A down economy is one of the market elements that genuinely brings the best deals to the table.