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MEGA-KAM Press Release Package

If done correctly and with extreme precision of content, the press release for your hot event or new product launch can be the best window of opportunity to capitalize on first-mover profits you’ve ever had! However, if your press release is written and/or submitted incorrectly, it can turn into the biggest flop you’ve ever experienced. Never leave this to chance!

For only $2,897*, you’ll receive your professionally prepared press release written by Dr. Kay McDonald, whose experience with the press over the years can prove to be invaluable when it comes to making a press release receive the greatest amount of exposure [includes submission to over 5,000 media locations!] in the timeliest manner possible – assuring you of the maximum potential for capturing your readers’ attention.

* less than 60 cents per location! This pricing is remarkable for this type of exposure in the press/media industry!!

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