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Protecting Your Rainy-Day Funds for a Rainy Day

Regardless of whether you utilize financial institutions to care for your emergency money [rainy-day funds] or are a part of the vast and growing number of those who are under-banked or unbanked, you can’t afford to miss out on this presentation. In today’s economy, you simply can’t afford to make monetary mistakes... or you may end up spending the rest of your life making lame attempts to recover from monetary devastation! This presentation covers areas you will not learn (or even hear about!) in any school or classroom setting, and you will earn knowledge and primary takeaways which you can and should share with other family members and those who are dear to you.

If you are the executive/leader of your organization or the principal of a networking group, YOU need to book this presentation and let your members know how deeply you care about their financial well-being and monetary future. This presentation is also the perfect way of introducing new revenue-generating business opportunities or employee benefit packages as this monetary presentation typically leads toward a significant number of call-to-actions as a direct result of the attendance.

The Silent Thief - Stolen Debit/Credit Card Information

Economic turmoil causes financial uncertainty which in turn leads to an increase in stealing and robberies – and so this vicious cycle goes round and round... This presentation focuses on how easily debit/credit card theft happens and provides your audience with a thorough understanding of how the information stored on their plastic cards can give thieves the knowledge they need to score even more! This is an interactive session which gives your attendees the option to scan and view the specific information contained on the magnetic strips of their own plastic cards. Attendees are also given a special “Financial Inventory” form which provides steps to take NOW to prevent financial headaches when, not “if”, this type of theft infiltrates their wallets.

If you are in cyber security sales or are a provider of “peace-of-mind” services, this presentation can be the very lead-in you’ve been looking for to make your audience take notice of your product line. This presentation can also be used as a sales generator for insurance products and identity theft protection services. Instantly create the trust element you need to have with your attendees by providing this presentation – it’s well worth the minimal investment!

Online Consulting - Maximizing Skype

This topic holds quite a large interest with the general public right now, especially since out-of-pocket costs to start up this type of business are extremely low.   Even if you want to start out like a king, the highest startup costs for this type of business lifestyle max out at around $200 per year, and the potential cash inflows for multiple revenue streams are unbelievable!   This presentation was given to the Dallas Area Chapter of The Institute of Management Accountants at the Addison Lecture Hall in Crowne Plaza Dallas, Addison, Texas.

What Business Am I Really In? A Customer Perspective   More details…

This workshop is a mini-segment of a key strategic development course that we offer to clients of Complete Network, Inc.   The goal of this workshop is to define the next business steps that owners should take toward becoming more profitable and in gaining greater exposure in their marketplace based upon their "customers’ perspectives" of their business.   I'm also in the process of publishing a book by the same name.   This CNI Workshop is interactive with its audience and requires two attendees to role play as business owners and two attendees to role play as typical consumers.

Your Online Presence - What It Says or Doesn't Say About You

This is a very popular topic which I’ve been presenting as a key method for businesses to increase their net profits without a large amount of upfront capital.   First impressions are everything, especially online since you’re not present when a potential customer is getting the first look at your company – instead your website is.   Therefore, make sure your first impression is the right one…

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