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Best Online Selling Techniques for Craigslist

Listed below are some of my best online selling techniques for Craigslist. I hope you’ll enjoy using Craigslist as an online selling tool as much as I do…

First: Don’t feel obligated to open a Craigslist account. While Craigslist suggests this, I’ve never opened a Craigslist account in all the years I have used Craigslist [and I have never felt as though I’ve missed out on anything by not giving them my personal info].

Second: Be sure to include these four items in the title of your posting [do not use more than 50 chars]: 1. brand name of the item for sale, 2. size of the item (if applicable), 3. brief name of the item and 4. the condition of the item in brackets at the end of the title.

Example: Sony 15” Computer Monitor [like new cond.]

Third: When deciding on a selling price for your item, even dollar amounts work the best. Afterall, you don’t want to have to make change if you’ll be meeting your buyer in person to finalize the sale. Also (in the description area of your ad), include a brief description of how you determined your selling price. This helps potential buyers easily and quickly rationalize the “value” in purchasing your item at the price you are asking for it.

Example: $35.00 and... [in the description area] Since XYZ Company is offering this item for $70.00, I am offering my item at 50% which seems like a fair price considering my item is in very good condition.

Fourth: In the location section, always enter the suburb and then an intersection near where you are located, instead of a street or mailing address [up to 40 chars].

Example: North Dallas – Trinity Mills & Midway Rd

Fifth: At the end of your ad, always provide a closing sentence that states the method of payment and delivery.

Example: Cash only. Buyer to pick up or pay shipping.

Sixth: Upload an image of the item you’re selling. Even if the item you’re selling is as basic as an ink cartridge for a computer printer, you still need to upload an image. Potential buyers scrolling through craigslist ads can tell whether or not you have an image with your ad before even seeing all of your ads’ details. If you don’t have an image with your ad, most people won’t click to read the details.

Be extremely conscious of when your possible buyers will have money available to spend to buy your product or service. Craigslist will only position your ad briefly in the #1 slot for its category so don’t waste your top listing time by posting at the wrong time and on the wrong day of the week.

I set up my ads very late on Friday nights (usually around midnight). This is because most of my items are tech-related, and my buyers don’t “need” to buy these types of products, they just hopefully “want” to buy them. Therefore, I want to attract buyers when they have recently been paid by their employers and still have extra money in their wallets to spend. Thus, by placing my ads late on Friday nights, my potential buyers will see my ads first thing on Saturday mornings (hopefully before they have spent all of their paychecks)! Think about this sales concept very seriously when timing the visibility of your ads on Craigslist as this makes a BIG difference in sales results!!!

Best wishes for your success when selling on Craigslist!

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Disclaimer: It should be noted that we do not render legal advice of any kind with regards to using Craigslist. If you have any doubts about using the information above, you should seek the advice of a legal professional prior to proceeding.