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The biography of Dr. Kay A. McDonald

Dr. Kay A. McDonald

Business Growth & Expansion Specialist

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Dr. Kay A. McDonald

Professional Biography

Phone:   214-556-6229

Business:   Dr. Kay A. McDonald is the CEO of Complete Network, Inc. which specializes in bringing finance and technology together in an effort to maximize profits, provide substantial growth in market share, and increase revenue stability for their client companies and the respective shareholders.   Kay has spent over 30 years simultaneously in the fields of finance, marketing, real estate and technology, spanning across several industries, in both for-profit and non-profit business environments.

During this time, Kay has successfully helped clients to achieve their goals by 1) designing and implementing cash management systems for multi-national companies in order to gain maximization of working capital resources with relation to foreign currency transactions,
2) building national companies (primarily U.S. based) into global super-players by directing
c-level executive teams in strategic development programs with the goal being a dramatic increase of their revenue systems, 3) mending “damaged” business relationships between billion dollar companies along with the execution and implementing of business agreements (primarily in joint venture form) between each of the involved parties in order for them to create mutually beneficial future business transactions together, 4) and much more!

Government:   In addition to having municipalities request that the entire management of their operations be outsourced to Dr. Kay A. McDonald and the executive team at Complete Network, Inc., Kay has often found herself involved in significant roles involving the government (US).   This includes a wide variety of activities ranging from being a lobbyist for the Steel Manufacturers in Washington to conducting compliance reviews regarding the construction of Veterans’ Administration Hospitals (VA Hospitals).

Real Estate:   “Where there is BIG money, there is most often real estate behind it!” is one of the familiar quotes that you can often hear Kay mentioning to her business friends.   Kay and her involvement in real estate [commercial, multi-family, and residential] go way back.   From the years when she was first developing real estate sales contracts and selling the contract packets in newspapers (pre-Internet), to being a licensed realtor and regional property manager, to sitting on advisory boards for the managers of billion dollar portfolios, Kay is a serious expert in the real estate field and thoroughly uses her own real estate philosophies and formulas in her own life as well as sharing these proprietary techniques with others.

Most recently, Kay sold a single family dwelling within three days of her “getting serious” about selling the property and sold it at ABOVE market pricing in a down economy – just to prove that there is only a real estate “crisis” if you don’t have a proper exit plan in place for your real estate when you buy it!   Also, it is critical to have a solid understanding of how marketing techniques relate to particular real estate deals.

Kay also provides professional real estate sales training, asset portfolio management services, real estate software training seminars, and other educational workshops with regards to making significant profits from real estate transactions.

Education:   Kay’s educational background includes her PhD in International Business Management, Masters of Business Administration (with an emphasis in International Business Management), and Masters of Accounting degree.   Although not required for her professional work, Kay has also successfully achieved the passing of the Series 7 exam for stockbrokers and Series 66 exam for registered investment advisors and state agents, along with the Texas insurance exams for life and health insurance representatives.

Kay felt it was necessary to accomplish these advanced educational goals because she firmly believes that if others trust her with the handling of their important financial transactions and goal obtainment, then she should always be at the top level of expertise in her field.   This is well above and beyond the educational experience and knowledge base of any others within Kay’s business arena...

Further, Kay is a certified webmaster, having earned several programming/technology certificates, and has made significant contributions to the online community for over 20 years and is greatly involved in helping smaller companies make a more substantial impact on their bottom lines by creating a successful online business presence.   Kay has also taught several seminars and workshops on subjects relating to the Internet and the development of its successful use for business owners and executives.   Her recent book entitled “The Invisible Networker” discusses this topic in further detail and is available on Amazon.