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Top Money Ezine, full speed ahead!

The Top Money Ezine provides substantial up-to-the-minute news relating to:

    Automating Income Production

    Increasing Revenue Streams

    Climbing the Ladder More Rapidly

    Lead Generation E-Systems

    What to Say & Do At the Top

    Maximizing Wealth Criteria

    Wealth Creation & Protection

As editor and chief, Dr. Kay’s commitment to make sure Top Money subscribers are provided with the latest financial concepts, business growth strategies and revenue-producing systems is unmatched by others in this arena!

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Dr. Kay A. McDonald

“Maximizing Wealth”

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Thumbs up to maximizing wealth!
Thumbs up to maximizing wealth!

MEGA-KAM Press Release Package

If done correctly and with extreme precision of content, the press release for your hot event or new product launch can be the best window of opportunity to capitalize on first-mover profits you’ve ever had! However, if your press release is written and/or submitted incorrectly, it can turn into the biggest flop you’ve ever experienced.

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For just $2,897*, you’ll receive your professionally prepared press release written by Dr. Kay McDonald, whose experience with the press over the years can prove to be invaluable when it comes to making a press release receive the greatest amount of exposure [includes submission to over 5,000 media locations!] in the timeliest manner possible – assuring you of the maximum potential for capturing your readers’ attention.

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Professional Services

Persuasive Keynote Presentations

Business Startup Services

Executive Leadership Training

Maximizing Real Estate ROI

Revenue Stream Development

Optimal Internet Marketing

Technology Skills Training

Maximizing Wealth is more than just achieving a six or seven figure income. It consists of the strategic development and niche creation of an area that you know is [and will continue to be] in the forefront of the minds and knowledge that your market needs and wants from you. It’s also knowing how to adjust and live the lifestyle that you desire to go with this success...

Information (and the proper packaging, marketing and selling of it) is the easiest and largest in-demand segment of online businesses today. Yet, very few understand how to make the dollars match the demand. Quit waiting and hoping for success to find you when it may already be right under your nose – start maximizing your wealth now and enjoy your life while you’re young and able to enjoy it.

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Company List [partial]

American Express

Do-It-Yourself Real Estate


GAF Materials Corp.

General Electric

J. W. Operating Company

Lincoln Property

M & A Irrigation

MCD Enterprises

MetLife Realty

Preferred Care/Nova

Royal Optical

Tangram Corporation

The Lofland Company

Watts Marketing of America

and many more...